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Music Contest: CHIPS COMPO II

2017-05-27 03:10:16 by johnfn

Hello everyone! I'm hosting CHIPS COMPO, the contest with anonymous judging where you make a song based on a theme in a week from scratch, and the second one just started!

Link to the website, with the theme.

Hang out in discord and chat! Seriously, come hang out with us! We have lots of fun and do extra compos and stuff.

* How to submit: Do it right on the website.
* Start: RIGHT NOW.
* End: Look at the countdown on the website. Seriously. It's easier than me posting some deadline on here.
* Theme: THE RIVER. But seriously, look at the website for pretty pictures and stuff.

In Chips Compo, YOU MUST VOTE. If you do not vote on other pieces, you will be disqualified and not receive the score on your own piece. No one wants that. :(

Music Contest: NGCHIPS I

2017-05-10 01:34:59 by johnfn

Hello everyone! I'm hosting NGCHIPS, a week long, themed, anonymous music competition, and the first one just started!

If you like making music, feel free to join!

The thread about it on Newgrounds is here.

The website with the theme and information is here.

Come hang out with us in Discord here!


2016-12-20 03:30:42 by johnfn

If you follow me on here please follow me on Soundcloud as well: 


thank u


if i get more than 200 follower they send me a candy in the mails.

johnfn & dragons

2016-08-06 03:23:21 by johnfn

I'm writing little pieces to accompany a dungeons and dragons homebrew campaign that I am telling. 

These tracks were all inspired by improvisations, and are only barely fleshed out. They are meant more for background listening than rapt attention. Stil, I like a lot of them, and maybe you will too!

I expect this will update often, but who knows?


2016-02-25 04:01:37 by johnfn

I was digging through some old mp3 renders when I found this, which eventually turned into a certain other song I wrote a while back:

This was an insanely rough cut I wrote in a few hours. Still I was taken aback because there were a lot of beautiful ideas in there that I later cut out. I really need to use my pickup more, whoa.


2015-12-14 03:04:23 by johnfn

My song duality is top rated for the week! That's pretty cool.

Thanks to all of my 13 mystery voters! I love each and every one of you. 

Itty bitty

2015-11-13 03:05:16 by johnfn

Little itty bitty piano idea I had: I need to go to bed though whoops


2015-10-09 17:50:17 by johnfn

About a year ago I found this album: - and I thought it was okay. I really loved Scrumb and My Cheesed Life but I found the rest of the stuff just average.

I randomly happened to return to it yesterday, and oh my god, EVERY SONG IS GOOD. I swear, the run from track 3 to 8 is just insane, like, it's just 5 insanely happy songs in a row. (Also, tracks 11, 12 and 14 are great too.) It's rare that I connect with so many songs off a single album - even critically acclaimed professional albums usually have a couple of (subjective, I don't deny) duds, just because that's how music subjectivity works. So, whoa.

(Oh and by the way Scrumb is still the best thing. If you want a good reason to listen to the album, listen to Scrumb first - trust me.)

But what I find interesting is that I was completely unimpressed by this album a year ago, and now it's suddenly SUPER GOOD. I know this means that my tastes are evolving, but it's interesting to see it happen to such an extreme. 

Anywho, do you have any good examples of "grower" albums? Any stuff you used to hate (or just be unimpressed by) that now you love? 

P.S. My Cheesed Life has some of the weirdest chord progressions I have heard. My brain detonates every time I try to pick it apart on piano.

Happy songs with sad chords, sad songs with happy chords

2015-09-18 20:01:49 by johnfn

@LunacyEcho and I were having a conversation the other day and, long story short, we started wondering about songs that sound happy but have a major chord tonic, or songs that sound sad that have a minor chord tonic.

To me, the quinessential example of a sad song with happy chords is Fox in the Snow by Belle and Sebastian:

However, I really struggled to find a happy song with a minor tonic. The best I could think of was Range Life, which has a chorus that's 100% minor chords but still sounds pretty happy/catchy:

I'm SURE there are better examples in EDM, since practically every EDM song has a minor tonic, but I really couldn't think of any.

Can you think of other examples for either? 

(Also, what's the correct music-theory way to say what I'm trying to say? :P)

Add me on Skype!

2015-09-03 01:51:42 by johnfn

My skype name is

(this is gonna be really hard to guess)




DO IT! I'm starting to talk to some newgrounds friends on Skype. Now I'm greedy and want more. Yay friends!