Music Competition: Chips VII

2017-09-04 13:55:11 by johnfn

Hello everyone! I'm hosting CHIPS COMPO, the weeklong contest with anonymous submissions and user judging, where you make a song based on a theme from scratch, and the SEVENTH one just started!

Here's the competition page.

Here's our discord. (Seriously, come hang out with us, even if you don't want to compete! It's fun.)

If you like writing music, are interested in competitions, or have several thousand followers and are a popular combustion-related newgrounds music personality who just followed me, maybe you should check it out! No matter which (if any) of those oddly specific categories you may happen to fall into, I assure you we'd love to have you.


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2017-09-04 14:42:16

I don't think I exactly understand precisely how it works. Can you link me to the original thread?

johnfn responds:

Submit a song based on that theme before the deadline. That's all.

Also you can hang out on our discord and ask questions if you want.