2016-02-25 04:01:37 by johnfn

I was digging through some old mp3 renders when I found this, which eventually turned into a certain other song I wrote a while back:


This was an insanely rough cut I wrote in a few hours. Still I was taken aback because there were a lot of beautiful ideas in there that I later cut out. I really need to use my pickup more, whoa.


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2016-04-16 02:42:23

I regret not looking into your newgrounds account more frequently, this is marvelous. There's something about the piano used in this that really tickles my fancy. I recognized the beginning piano riff from "i can see you now", but something about it here really gets me.

I realize upload time is limited, but I really miss your presence on soundcloud. It'd be great if you could spread the love to other sites too. (Alternatively, I'll adjust my listening habits and let you keep to your "only upload if better than last" thing going.)

johnfn responds:

Hey! Sorry for not responding to this for a while. Yeah, I usually keep my top tier work on Soundcloud whereas newgrounds gets all my random ideas and stuff. I guess I could just dump all my work on SC but I've always been a bit lazy about shelling out for a paid account. Maybe I should change that?

In any case, thanks for listening!