Music Contest: CHIPS COMPO II

2017-05-27 03:10:16 by johnfn

Hello everyone! I'm hosting CHIPS COMPO, the contest with anonymous judging where you make a song based on a theme in a week from scratch, and the second one just started!

Link to the website, with the theme.

Hang out in discord and chat! Seriously, come hang out with us! We have lots of fun and do extra compos and stuff.

* How to submit: Do it right on the website.
* Start: RIGHT NOW.
* End: Look at the countdown on the website. Seriously. It's easier than me posting some deadline on here.
* Theme: THE RIVER. But seriously, look at the website for pretty pictures and stuff.

In Chips Compo, YOU MUST VOTE. If you do not vote on other pieces, you will be disqualified and not receive the score on your own piece. No one wants that. :(


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