johnfn & dragons

2016-08-06 03:23:21 by johnfn

I'm writing little pieces to accompany a dungeons and dragons homebrew campaign that I am telling. 

These tracks were all inspired by improvisations, and are only barely fleshed out. They are meant more for background listening than rapt attention. Stil, I like a lot of them, and maybe you will too!

I expect this will update often, but who knows?


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2016-08-06 12:53:03

lol nerd

johnfn responds:

Ima kill u now

But in all seriousness, d&d gets way too much hate. In reality, it's just a bunch of people hanging out and being social and drinking and playing a game. It's really fun - you should play it sometime ;-)


2016-08-06 19:57:47

I was totally kidding. I'm a complete nerd myself. I never got super into D&D, but I still play Magic a lot. :3

(Updated ) johnfn responds:

Yeah, I thought so. I still think that everyone should try out D&D though, it's great!

ALSO I LOVE MAGIC! We should play sometime!


2016-08-06 21:46:17

Awesome! Have you ever heard of Cockatrice? It's a free desktop app that lets you play with anyone else in the world. I probably have to re-download my copy b/c it's been a long time since I played online, but I'd be willing to try it sometime. In fact, one of the ppl I used to play with is @LunacyEcho. What format(s) do you like? Standard? Modern? Pauper? EDH?

(Updated ) johnfn responds:

Whoa, I didn't know LunacyEcho played as well.

I'll be honest, I normally play Magic with my friends and just use their decks (I don't own any decks of my own), and I don't even know what the difference between EDH, Standard and Modern is. (Though I do know what Pauper is haha). I'm down for whatever you guys play with.

I tried Cockatrice once, but jesus was it ugly. I prefer Magic Workstation, but I can hook up Cockatrice if that's what the cool kids are using.

I've been trying to get @SkyeWint off Hearthstone and on to the Magic bandwagon. Maybe this will convince him... ;-)


2016-08-07 00:08:16

So... I was playing dnd this weekend and it was great, I'd love to play more. I also play hearthstone for the reasons that it has things magic simply can't do because mtg is physical's also needlessly complicated in many ways and doesn't have a decent introduction from what I can see. Sadly. It's a good game though, I just don't want to really bother with going into it.

johnfn responds:



2016-08-07 00:20:38

It's funny...I remember talking to you about MTG a couple of years ago and you said you had played in high school but hadn't kept up with it. When did you get back into the game?

But ya, @SkyeWint has a point. MTG has always mainly been a physical thing, which sucks when you guys live thousands of miles away. </3

johnfn responds:

Yeah, that's true.

I don't really go out and play Magic, but I'm always down to play if someone wants to. That happened when I hung out with some friends and they forced me to play magic constantly for a week. :D


2016-08-07 02:04:22

Why didn't you tell me you played Magic while we were at Panera Bread >:C

johnfn responds:


I actually didn't start playing it till after that. hahaha


2016-11-16 13:01:31

Nice little compositions. My favorite is probably Sleepy Town. Thanks for sharing them!

johnfn responds:

Thanks! That's actually my favorite too. :D