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Music Contest: NGCHIPS I

Posted by johnfn - May 10th, 2017

Hello everyone! I'm hosting NGCHIPS, a week long, themed, anonymous music competition, and the first one just started!

If you like making music, feel free to join!

The thread about it on Newgrounds is here.

The website with the theme and information is here.

Come hang out with us in Discord here!

Comments (6)

Okay, so I read the thread and everything and still don't understand how it all works. Can you explain in as few words as possible the premise?

You write a song based on the theme here in a week:


Then you submit it on that site and everyone who participates will vote on it!

That's a lot simpler than I expected. Many thanks. I may not participate this round -- or I may -- but that's quite an interesting idea! Will it be double-blind voting as well, or?

What do you mean by double blind voting? All submissions will be anonymized, so no one will know who made what track. :)

Glad that is more comprehensible. Seems I still have a little bit of trouble explaining the contest!

That's exactly what I meant. Thanks! If you'd like some publicity, I can blast this over facebook and twitter.

That would be sick! Much appreciated! I think this post, or http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1422892 would probably be the best things to send out.

I'll get around to that in the morning, make a news post about it, etc. I'm brain dead right now as you can tell haha. Quite an interesting idea for a competition, for sure

awesome man, i totally appreciate it! also no worries haha my writing always has room to improve :)

It's been a bit of a dark age for some years with not as many audio competitions like the olden days, I'm glad to see we're coming out of it. We need more contests like this. I remember the MACs. Every month was an audio contest, now they're more scarce, and AIM and NGADM as well as NGUAC (I think thats what it's called?) have been some of the only contests every year from what I've seen.

Or at least visible enough from what I've seen. Love the website, this is a splendid idea. I hope there are more contests for NG.

Yeah man! I remember like a year or two ago, we had a bunch of contests going at the same time - NGMT, NGUAC, maybe NGADM, it's definitely gotten a little quiet around here.

glad you like the website haha i worked pretty hard on it!

I can has chips?