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NGADM 2017 Auditions Podcast NGADM 2017 Auditions Podcast

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Wow you have quite the radio friendly voice

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ChronoNomad responds:

Why, thank you! I really appreciate that. Although this was my first podcast, I have done
a variety of voice over gigs in the past. Maybe one day I'll be the next "epic movie trailer" guy!

It's just too bad that my home mic picks up all those tiny bumps and amplifies them into bass thumps.

Wings Wings

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You know what this song reminds me of jordi? A river. A nice big flowey river that water flows through and has water in it. It's basically the most rivery song I've ever heard tbh, and im 100% every sane person would agree

auto tune section was good tho

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etherealwinds responds:

*sits here and eats chips*

Musical Evolution Musical Evolution

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I dunno how I got here but I'm giving you 5 stars for the experience of reading this after listening to the first 30 seconds:

"Yeah I thought "how to make a drum and bass song...", and then the idea occured to me that I should just add drums and a bass. I was an idiot :3."

Funniest thing I've read all week.

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Chrysalis Chrysalis

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Pretty much awesome. The only real problem with your old stuff is it's a bit too repetitive, a problem you finally surmounted in "They Taught Us To Dream" IMO.

Peaks Peaks

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hey man are you geometry dash?? I LOVE UR SONG!!!!!!!


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1f1n1ty responds:


Searching My Life (Music Box Version) Searching My Life (Music Box Version)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

its great jordi but y would u tease me like that by including the great lyrical section but then ending the song right then without even repeating it -_-

kinda reminds me of ori & the blind forest in some ways, mood and instrument choice particularly.

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etherealwinds responds:

They say good things come in small packages. You should know ;)

AIM - In That Moment AIM - In That Moment

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice moody piece! Sounds like it would go very well in a soundtrack for a movie. The sound of the piano is wonderful.

AceMantra responds:

Glad you like it, thanks! Composing music for a movie or game soundtrack would be a dream come true. One day, maybe.

AIM - A Way Out AIM - A Way Out

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not a bad start mandarien! the biggest problem that im seeing right now is that the mix is pretty bad, it seems very compressed and kinda funky. also your singing sometimes misses the notes slightly. still, its a good start and when these issues were fixed this song could be great! :)

Mandarien responds:

Thanks! Yeah, I hope to improve and get there one day.

AIM - Reconciliation AIM - Reconciliation

Rated 4 / 5 stars

reallly nice track! i think the first section, until the first minute, is my favorite part. when the mix gets more dense it lacks a lot of bass and sounds oddly filtered, like you highpassed the whole thing.

the melody in the first section is FANTASTIC though!

CloakedSoup responds:

Thank you! This is the kind of feedback I love to get! Glad you enjoyed it and I'll keep that in mind for the future.

AIM - Chris, the Boat and the Tormented Sea AIM - Chris, the Boat and the Tormented Sea

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good stuff yo. very nice progressions! also the piano playing is really well done! i dont think i can play as fast as you did in that section near the end! the piano sounds really nice too :D

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks, dude! I'm glad you like the progressions :D
Piano playing isn't always about speed; I just wanted certain parts to have lots of energy, to fit with the art! The piano sound is "The Maverick".

It seems like you DID participate too, this year!
I really like the piece you made! :OOO