Slowing down a little

2014-08-03 14:59:05 by johnfn

I've been having this problem with my music where, while I think it's fine, it's not really the kind of stuff I'd listen to (if I hadn't written it). 

So I'm taking some time to re-evaluate my style and spend more time on my tracks. I feel like I've been too caught up on a rapid write and release schedule that might have actually been damaging to my overall track quality. 

In the meantime, I want to thank you guys for all the comments on my recent tracks. It means a lot <3 

P.S. And yes I owe some people some reviews... I haven't forgotten you!


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2014-08-03 18:59:22

While you may not be happy with a lot of your recent tracks, i feel that the "
the seas will forget your name" is a fantastic piece of music and would enjoying hearing more track in this vain. Good Luck and I hope you make more music you enjoy.


2014-08-10 18:03:56

I'm looking forward to what's coming.