Send music of yours for me to review.

2014-06-24 23:39:12 by johnfn

I've been lazy about reviewing lately, so send me something that you want feedback on! No catches.


No promises about review length or sanity. 

EDIT: This may take a while. O_O


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2014-06-24 23:42:45

johnfn responds:

I did the first one! I might come back to the second one if I'm feeling particularly generous ;-)


2014-06-25 04:13:47

Yus... Free reviews!


johnfn responds:

Done! Hope I didn't come off too mean! I'm not a jerk in real life I swear!


2014-06-25 05:40:11

johnfn responds:



2014-06-25 06:44:54

Could you please review this :3?

johnfn responds:



2014-06-25 08:01:13

Oh boy. Sounds fun!

johnfn responds:



2014-06-25 11:03:22

Yay! Please review my latest track, Johnfn! I love your reviews! :D

johnfn responds:

BOOM. Actually I feel like I should have given you a longer one but I was tired out by doing all the previous ones... I hope it helps ;o;


2014-06-25 11:42:33


johnfn responds:



2014-06-25 12:05:58
Thanks for your time good sir :)

johnfn responds:



2014-06-25 12:13:54

Review composition of this please

johnfn responds:



2014-06-25 14:34:10

Yay! Oh boy. Sounds fun! Please review my latest track, Johnfn! Yus... Free reviews! I love your reviews! :D Review composition of this please. Could you please review this :3?
Thanks for your time good sir:)
Thank you :D
Thx :) <3


2014-06-25 20:55:59

thank you for the free review
I hope you enjoy


2014-06-25 22:54:35

Wat have you done.

*draws a crucifix*

johnfn responds:


But seriously you may as well add your song to the pile. :D


2014-06-25 23:49:01

Why not. Reviews have been hard to come by lately.


2014-06-26 00:25:31

Hi can I ask for more review

(Updated ) johnfn responds:

More? You want MORE? Oliver Wintrest has asked for MORE?!?

Yes, you can have another but it won't be until I finish the first round at least, so it could be a while.

P.S. I do like jazz harmonies but perhaps you are too avant-garde for me ;-o


2014-06-26 13:31:34

You know, this post you made helped me be more aware of you and I think I added you as favoriate author from this. Going to listen to your songs now. :)

Good move, John. :)

johnfn responds:

Hehehehe my grand plan is coming to fruition!!!

Also, thanks, I think you were my 200th fan! :D


2014-06-26 15:10:58

"I think you were my 200th fan! "

johnfn responds:



2014-06-26 16:05:27

Oh come on, the main bass just had 2nd harmonies, and the only other ones I can think of were diminished chords. :(

Actually, here. I will make you appreciate the full extent of jazz harmony. Review this when you've got the others plz? <3

johnfn responds:

Oh man ...


2014-06-26 19:16:13

This is gonna be long.

Ughmmhm, johnfn, people have no idea what me and you have been through together. They think we are just "classic" bestfriends? LOL. NO. you mean so much to mean and I mean so much to you. You have changed my life forever, you've made me smile and laugh at the hardest moments in my life. and when I tried to kill myself you called my dad to take me to the hospital, you were baling your eyes out and you didint sleep that night. I just want you to know that I am so sorry I put you through that I wasint thinking about the people who cared for me like you, your family, my sister, my dad. And I didint think about myaha.

Why would I leave my seven year old sister in this world alone? What example am I setting for her? Well, I didint mean to make you cry I thought nobody cared, but you have always proved me wrong. You are the most brightest person I've ever meet. I'm sorry for all the times I embarress you in public with my obnoxiousness like that one time at jerry bobs that was so funny.

We always have the best moments together, like when we went to Phoenix and we went on all the rides together and that photo where my mouth is open. We send the most ugliest funniest photos of our selves to each other. And the time we went to the fair and I threw up all over the mc Donald's play ground cause I was laughing to hard. And all the selfies we took are unforgettable. You are seriously the best person I have meet. when we grow older I'll be the one to move in with you and pancho. Well, me and my rich hot husband lololololololol #lonerforever

Ahahaha, man, I miss you so much there is never a dull moment that we have with each other. Like neverrrrr. We laugh at the most random things we mostly laugh at the people we see at walmart thoo

johnfn responds:

Hm... I have no idea who you are, but we can be best friends if you really want to be :D


2014-06-26 20:35:58

I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on this:

And don't hold back, I can enjoy negative feedback as well.

(Updated ) johnfn responds:

It's funny you're the first person to say that because I actually listened to this song before and really enjoyed it. I'll give you a more full review soon. :)

EDIT aw what the heck I just went ahead and did it. Rules? Who needs rules?


2014-07-01 21:36:41

Congratz on 200 fans!

"...let me know if you make anything cool! :D"

=> Well, I don't know if it's cool enough, but I made something :/
You don't have to leave a full review, but feel free to check it out :p

Thanks ;)


2014-07-08 14:58:23

Never spoken to you before, but I've been a fan of your work for a while now and I would be grateful for a review of this track (even if this blog post is 2 weeks old):

Thank you!


2014-07-10 19:33:12
heres my music, Rainforest is my latest creation, hope you like it, il review a couple of yours n__n !


2014-07-18 10:23:32
^ There it is. Thanks!


2014-08-03 11:38:58

I'd really appreciate a review if you have the time. : D